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Check with me on current stock and options. We can move switches, add cross trim - make the transmitter yours!

Give me your name and a date that you want on the "name plate".

Warranty --
If you have any problems with your transmitter or 2.4 conversion, I can help you get it working again. I WANT IT TO WORK FOR YOU!
I can not guarantee that any almost forty year old radio will continue to operate and safely fly a model! Yes I checked out the transmitter and replaced the batteries but that only means it worked when I checked it out - I might have missed something or there might be a component about to fail.
Send me one of your receivers (DSM2 or DSMX) and I will test fly your system in one of my airplanes.

Check with me before you send me anything..... or your radio could sit out in the snow/rain.
Send me your:
1) JR/Spektrum (DSM2 or DSMX) receiver
2) Your name and date as you want it on the "name plate"
3) A check in the amount of seven hundred (dual stick) or nine hundred (single stick)
4) Signed copy of this order form.
I am ordering from Cal Orr a Kraft 7C or Signature Series transmitter.
I further understand that there is NO guarantee or warranty of any kind that this system will continue to operate and safely fly a model!
Furthermore, no guarantee or warranty is extended to anyone else who may operate this system. I will be responsible for any or all liability resulting from the use of this system.
Signed  _____________________________________________Date  _____________________
Signature must match that of the check.


The granddaddy of all RC trade shows is the Toledo RC expo in April.

In 1975 at Toledo, Kraft introduced their "super radio" the Signature Series. These transmitters were built as ordered, the layout of switches, standard trims or cross trims was left up to the purchaser. There was a list of standard features such as servo reversing and dual rates that we take for granted today. The name plate was then engraved with the owners name and date. The cost? Just under one thousand dollars - 1975 dollars.
Pictured above is a 1975 Signature Series transmitter, note the 4 corner bending holes that was discontinued in all Kraft transmitters by 1976.
Kraft came out with their interchangeable transmitter frequency models in 1976. The first version of the Signature Series transmitters did not have plug in RF modules. Also the first version of Signature Series transmitters were powered by a 10 cell NiCd battery pack instead of the usual 8 cells. The transmitters charge jack was under the name plate to the left of the switches/pots. All later versions, 1976 and on, the Signature Series transmitters were powered with 8 cell battery packs and the charge jack was moved to the bottom of the transmitter. The left side of the switch panel, under the name plate was left blank.
Around early 1977, Kraft could no longer get the dual meter used on their 7C and Signature Series transmitters. That meter displayed battery voltage and RF. Later transmitters used two separate meters with a black plastic frame glued in place.

Below are pictures of the 3 different Signature Series transmitters.


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Kraft Signature Series Transmitters
Dual Stick (starting at).... $700
Single Stick (starting at).... $900

Go back in time and order a new  Kraft Signature Series Transmitter - Well almost.

I have a selection of Signature Series Transmitters to start from, we can rearrange the switches, trims to where you like or even add mixing. The transmitter is cleaned up, the electronics gone through, replaced the batteries and includes a "new" name plate with your name and a date of your choice.

Contact me for current stock and options. Order form below.

Include a 2.4 module (compatible with DSM2 or DSMX) with your order for an additional $250 a savings of $50.


2.4 conversion "built in" (without module) with your order for an additional $250, a savings of $50.

Kraft Signature Series