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A Kraft transmitter can be converted to 2.4 by one of two methods. 
1) The 2.4 conversion can be built into the transmitter. 
The transmitter is then 2.4 only. The meter(s) will operate on the transmitter and an LED (light) will be visible through the meters to indicate mode of operation, range test etc. A bind/range test push button will also be added to the transmitter and the antenna is replaced. The transmitter will operate with your JR/Spektrum receivers either DSM2 or DSMX. If this was a module transmitter - you can no longer plug in modules as the cover is glued in place.
Cost $300.

2.4 conversions can be ordered to be compatible with Futaba FAAST.
The Futaba FASST is built into the transmitter only, not in a module.

Cost $400

2) I make a 2.4 transmitter module that plugs into the top of a 1976 or later Kraft 7 channel or Signature Series transmitter. This module is housed in a Kraft AM (small) module case.
The 2.4 module can be used without any modifications to your 7 channel transmitter*. The transmitter will operate with your JR/Spektrum receivers either DSM2 or DSMX. The LED, bind/rang test button and the antenna are all on the module itself. The meters on the front of the transmitter will still operate. anytime, you can remove the 2.4 module and use your Kraft Tx  modules with your Kraft receivers.
Cost $300

*I do recommend changing the channel mapping, switching elevator & throttle to take advantage of JR/Spektrum Failsafe - included in cost.

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Kraft 2.4

Operates with JR/Spektrum or ​Futaba 

​Kraft 2.4 Transmitter Module

The 2.4 transmitter module is built into a Kraft AM module case. The 2.4 module plugs into the top of a 1976 or later 7C or Signature Series transmitter. The Kraft transmitter will then operate JR/Spektrum 2.4 receivers either DSM2 or DSMX as determined by the receiver it is bound to. At any time you may swap the 2.4 module for a stock Kraft Tx module and operate your Kraft receivers.

Your Kraft transmitter - I would like to see it!
There are too many problems with these almost 50 year old radios. Pots/switches go bad, black wire corrosion all the way up to the power switch and connector issues.
The connectors that Kraft used like to corrode on the inside. The male connector found on the servos (for example) is actually a female pin. Inside the pin may need to be cleaned out with something like a #67 drill (don't spread the shells apart). These connectors are also used inside the transmitter in many places and mate with the module.
I will check out your Kraft transmitter for you at NO additional cost!
Any problems I find I will discuss with you and can repair/replace.
For example:
Battery pack replacement (correct size)....$75

Replacement stick pots...$25 (each) installed

Replacement switches....$15 (each) installed

The addition of all four reversing switches to a 7C transmitter....$60

Signature Series brass name plate (not a name over a name)....$40
Also.....I want to change the channel mapping in your transmitter - NO additional cost.
Kraft sends out pulses, elevator, aileron, throttle, rudder.......etc.
JR/Spektrum receiver is looking for, throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder..........etc.
If I had a dime for everyone who said just plug the servos into different ports in the receiver, I would be rich!
The failsafe is in the receiver. Many receivers (in the event of failsafe) hold all channels except throttle which is pulled low. If we don't change the channel mapping and your receiver goes into failsafe, you will end up with down elevator and hold the other channels including throttle.
I make the change at the encoder so all your trims, rate switches, reversing switches will remain the same.
AND if you still want to fly with a 72 mhz or a Ham Tx module in your Kraft transmitter, all you need to do is to swap the elevator and throttle servos on the Kraft receivers. The  72/Ham receivers used with Kraft did not have a failsafe.
Warranty --
If you have any problems with your transmitter or 2.4 conversion, I can help you get it working again. I WANT IT TO WORK FOR YOU!

I can not guarantee that any almost fifty year old radio will continue to operate and safely fly a model! Yes I checked out the transmitter  but that only means it worked when I checked it out - I might have missed something or there might be a component about to fail.
Send me one of your receivers (DSM2 or DSMX or DMSS) and I will test fly your system in one of my airplanes.

Order Form
Check with me before you send me anything..... or your radio could sit out in the snow/rain.
Send me your:
1) Kraft transmitter, 7C or Sig.
2) JR/Spektrum  receiver
3) A check in the amount of $300 or pay by PayPal
4) Signed copy of this order form.

5) Return shipping icluded.
I am ordering from Cal Orr a 2.4 Tx module for a Kraft 7C or Signature Series transmitter.
I further understand that there is NO guarantee or warranty of any kind that this system will continue to operate and safely fly a model!
Furthermore, no guarantee or warranty is extended to anyone else who may operate this system.

I will be responsible for any or all liability resulting from the use of this system.
Signed  _____________________________________________Date  _____________________
Signature must match that of the check. 

Kraft Parts & Accessories 

2.4 Transmitter module (for 7C or Signature Series)...$300

Transmitter battery pack replacement (correct size for 7C or Sig)...$75

Replacement transmitter joy stick pots (each)...$25 installed

Replacement transmitter toggle switches (each)...$15

The addition of all four reversing switches to a 7C transmitter...$60

Signature Series brass name plate (not a name over a name - include your name & date)...$40

Adapter - Kraft receiver to JR/Futaba servos....$10

Adapter - JR/Futaba receiver to Kraft servos....$10

I have a large selection of Kraft parts and components.
"Signature Series Transmitters", "7C Transmitters", 5-3 channel transmitters.
Kraft servos - cases gears etc.
Kraft retracts, parts, gears and struts.
Tx RF sections and receivers.
Wiring harnesses.
Electronic components and crystals.
Transmitter toggle/slide switches.
Joy stick/trim pots.
Inquire  about current stock.