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Shipping charges are included in the price of some items bought from this site, such as a transmitter.

Also, return shipping is included with most 2.4 conversions. Within the contiguous USA.

You are responsible for shipping and insurance costs when you send an item to me - transmitter to work on, return of a Reed Emulator etc.

You are also responsible for return shipping/insurance of radio work.

Most shipping is done with USPS Priority mail to the above post office box, that way your radio wont sit on a door step.

Many transmitters will fit in a "medium flat rate box" (free from the post office) and shipping cost with insurance is about $25. Pack your radio well and either remove the sticks or place cardboard tubes over the sticks to protect them.

Please let me know before you ship an item to me.


All payments are to be made by check, to Cal Orr.


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that can be used with the Reed Emulator, PO Box 4132, Burbank CA 91503                                   Email -






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Warranty --

If you have any problems with your transmitter or 2.4 conversion, I can help you get it working again.

I can not guarantee that any almost forty year old radio will continue to operate and safely fly a model! Yes I checked out the transmitter but that only means it worked when I checked it out - I might have missed something or there might be a component about to fail.
Send me one of your receivers (DSM2 or DSMX) and I will test fly your system in one of my airplanes.
I am placing an order with Cal Orr as noted above.
I further understand that there is NO guarantee or warranty of any kind that this system will continue to operate and safely fly a model!  Furthermore, no guarantee or warranty is extended to anyone else who may operate this system.

I will be responsible for any or all liability resulting from the use of this system.
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PCS radios were made by Kraft