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Kraft Signature Series Single Stick

Kraft Signature Series Dual Stick

(Same layout for Kraft 7C)

Kraft transmitter converted to 2.4 with Futaba FASST.

The transmitters antenna is not removable and does not rotate. You can move it up down and should fly with the antenna at 45 degrees so it does not point at the model when flying.

There is not a removable Tx module in the transmitter, the module cover is glued in place.

When you turn the transmitter on;

The left meter will indicate battery voltage and should be between 9.6 and 11.4 for flight.

The right meter is form the interface circuits and should be between 8 & 10.

The back of the transmitter has a hole/plug where you can see two LEDs (lights) red & green. When the transmitter is first turned on, the LEDs will blink for a few seconds, then the green LED will be on solid. If in the range test mode (bind button held down) the red LED will also blink. 

When the bind button is pushed and held, (red LED blink) the Rf output is reduced and you should get at least 30 paces or 90 feet. When the button is released, full output power is restored.

Do not fly unless the green LED is on solid and red LED is off.

Look at the pictures inside the transmitter and note the three screwdrivers, green, red & black/blue.
The green screwdriver is pointing to a 5 amp slow blow fuse, that yellow thing. If this fuse blows, the transmitter won’t operate and the battery charger LEDs won’t light either. I have seen this fuse blow with charger issues or the charger cord is bad/shorted.
The red screwdriver points to trim pots that set the transmitters reset pulse, do not touch without further instruction.
The black/blue screwdriver points to a test point where the transmitters frame may be viewed on an oscilloscope. Also note the red and green LEDs close to the handle of the black/blue screwdriver. These LEDs can be viewed through the hole in the back of the transmitter.

Channel mapping - where the servos get plugged into the receiver.

Channel #1 is elevator, 2 is aileron, 3 is throttle, 4 is rudder, 5 is aux 1, 6 is aux 2 and channel 7 is landing gear.

Note, The Kraft 7C transmitter has channel #5 as landing gear and channel 7 as Aux #2.

Bind/link your receiver to the Kraft transmitter.
This transmitter behaves like a Futaba FAAST system and will only bind to Futaba FASST receivers.
*Turn your transmitter on, wait a few seconds until the green LED (as view from transmitters back) is on solid and red LED is off.
*Your receiver needs to be within a couple feet of the transmitter.
*Turn on your receiver.

If the receivers LED is green solid everything should work, no further action.
If the receivers LED is blinking green, it sees the transmitter but it is not on the same code.
*Locate the little push button at the back of the receiver (between the 2 antennas). While the receivers LED is blinking green, push and hold the button for 2 seconds and release. The LEDs may go red/green then the green LED should come on solid indicating bind/link is complete.

Any Questions - Please ask.

Futaba FASST in ProLine transmitters

Note; There is only one meter on the ProLine transmitter, the needle should be about 3/4 deflection. The meter will not change with battery capacity and is not an indication of battery charge.



Kraft 2.4

Futaba FASST

(ProLine picture below)