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Aviation was my first love. I have been flying RC models for more than 45 years and "U" control before that. When I started working toward my pilots license some 40 years ago, it bothered me that I could not see when the wheels would hit during landing.

Model Airplanes is a fantastic hobby! In the 1960's, this hobby was the fastest growing hobby in the USA. Whether you are into engines, electronics, aircraft design, building, competition, scale or lazy flying - our hobby has it all! You get out of the hobby what you put into it. Yes, I also have a hanger full of ARF's but there is so much more! Staying up late at night to finish that pride and joy is worth it!
I have been in the motion picture business for many years, designed and built professional motion picture equipment used world wide. I have also been in the "Hobby Business", manufacturing - testing and an author. In the late 1970's, I set out to  make "Custom Transmitters" that had features not found in any other RC radio system. Features like "Programmable slow rolls" where elevator and rudder were automatically added as your plane rotated. A "Flight recorder" that recorded a maneuver and than allowed you to play back that maneuver through the transmitter. Features still not found today! But after a couple prototypes, I gave up when I realized how much I would have to charge.

The items I have offered here, have been designed as the needs have arisen in my own RC hobby experiences. I am proud to be able to offer these items to the RC modeler.
And yes, I fly just about anything - not just the old stuff. But what do you think of a  twelve cell EDF on Reeds???

Cal Orr

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